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Bouldering, whether/both indoors or/and outdoors, is one of the main activities that the club offers.  Bouldering is good for everyone from beginners to experts as there is always soo much to try at all levels. It's also a great way to get involved with the club as it's easy to give it a go, and is a really social form of climbing where everyone can work on a route together. There's always a harder route to try too so it's the perfect way to train yourself for different styles of climbing.

We run a weekly trip to Kendal wall or Boulder UK every Thursday evening, and also climb lots at the university wall so there's lots of oppurtunities to join in. Need a climbing buddy? Post on the Facebook group!

All you need are some shoes, a little bit of chalk and some enthusiasm, all of which can be given to you by the club! 

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