Freshers' Info

Sadly it is looking like we won't be able to run face to face activities as normal this coming term, which means we won't be able to run our usual day trips, beginner's sessions and socials. We aren't giving up easily though, and want to try and bring you as much as we can! We've tried to replace each of our usual activities with something more suitable for this year, so whether you are new to climbing or an experienced rock fondler we'll have something for you. Check out the info below to see what we will have on offer, as well as some useful links and tips. If there is anything you still want to know, get in touch with the exec on Facebook or email We don't have a calendar quite yet, as this year is still being planned, but to give you an idea here is our calendar from last year:


Introduction Talk

Each year we have an intro talk to show you what we get up to! This year the talk is going to be held online, at 7pm on October 6th. We'll have our usual presentation for you to watch, as well as plenty of time afterwards to meet the exec and ask any questions you might have! Keep an eye on the Facebook page for more details closer to the time.

Want a sneak peak? Here is a link to last year's presentation so you can start getting excited!

New To Climbing?


In the first few weeks of term we usually hold Wednesday afternoon sessions to show people the basics of putting on a harness, tying knots and belaying a climber. This year we are making these sessions a lot more flexible to allow us to spread the teaching across the week. If you want to learn how to get started with climbing, message one of the exec on Facebook, or email us at

From there we will organise a time to meet you on campus to go through the basics, before then booking a session at the wall to put it into practice! All the gear can be borrowed from our gear stores, we'll ask what gear you need when we organise the lessons.

Over the term we will also be running some online skills sessions teaching ropework and climbing tips and tricks, the first of which will be a navigation skills evening on October 13th

Already Know The Ropes?

If you already know your way a round a climbing centre and just want to get stuck in, here are a couple of places we like to go. We usually go to Boulder UK and Kendal Wall on Thursday evenings, but keep an eye out for anyone wearing some of our LUMC T-shirts whenever you go!

Boulder UK is a really good bouldering centre in Preston. There's tons of climbs to keep you occupied and it's not too far away. If you can grab a housemate with a car this will be easiest, but you can also get there via 2 trains, changing at Preston.

Kendal Wall is a great place to go top rope and lead climbing, with a huge 25m lead wall, and some bouldering to do too. The Lancaster to Kendal train makes it nice and easier to get there as well. We want to stress however that Kendal Wall is much less suitable for beginners, and we recommened learning at the uni wall before going if you haven't climbed before. They have a booking system available on their website. 

Day Trips


Day trips are the going to be the biggest difference this year as unfortunately we won't be able to transport people to our usual crags. Our plan is to create some fun activities to keep you all busy though, as well as show you some of our favourite local places! This will include things like orienteering courses in the Lakes and Silverdale, so we can highly recommend getting some OS maps for the area, such as these.

If you know how to climb outdoors safely, there are some excellent local crags in Silverdale such as Trowbarrow and Warton which are accessible by train or bicycle. 

Over the course of the term we will endevour to find a way to run a proper day trip, but until then keep an eye on the Facebook page and weekly newsletters to see what other activities we have in store.