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Trad Climbing

Trad (traditional) climbing is a style of outdoor climbing where protective gear is placed as you climb the route. The lead climber ascends the route whilst using gear, like nuts and hexes, to create fixed points on the wall which the rope can be attached to. They then make a secure anchor at the top so that other climbers can follow up and retrieve the gear. This method can be used to keep ascending routes taller than the rope length by doing the climb in multiple pitches.

This is our most common form of outdoor climbing, and all the gear needed can be supplied by the club!

The club also offers learning sessions to learn and improve the skills involved in trad climbing e.g. gear placement, anchor building, lead climbing etc. Keep an eye out on the Students' Union page  for these sessions, if there currently are not any running and you would like to learn please contact the exec!

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