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Team Training Sessions

Twice a week we will be holding training sessions, unfortunately training is ONLY for those on the climbing team, but the resources on this page will be helpfull to anyone wanting to improve! You will need a bronze membership or above with the sports centre to join in, but aside from that it's free.

Sessions are 4-6pm on a Tuesday, and 4-6pm on a Sunday. These might shift from time to time, so keep an eye on the team page for more details. There will be a post before each session to check how many are attending, please let us know if you are!


No need to restrict your training to just the sessions however, so here are some of our regular activities for you to do whenever you want!


Here is the core we usually do, alternatively you can do the list below:

  1. 25 In and Outs

  2. 25 Forward Bicycles

  3. 25 Reverse Bicycles

  4. 25 Wide Leg Sit-Ups

  5. 25 Crunchy Frogs

  6. 25 Fifer Scissors

  7. 25 Pulse Ups (Either feet together and bent knees or straight legs up)

  8. 25 Sit up/Pulse Up Combo

  9. 25 Right Oblique V-Ups

  10. 25 Left Oblique V-Ups

  11. 50 Russian Twists

  12. Stretch

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